Fishing Without A Boat

A Great Outdoor Experience

One of the reasons that fishing is so popular is because everyone can get involved in the pastime. And this is true even if you do not own a boat or want to go to the expense of a charter experience. In fact, fishing without a boat is the perfect way for beginners to start their fishing journey.

Fishing Without A Boat

Bank fishing has always been a popular pastime. It’s an affordable way to get a line wet and there are a huge number of species that can be targeted by those on the edges of some of the most beautiful pieces of water in the country. It also doesn’t matter where you are – there are always fish to be caught. A golf course water hazard, a bridge or an abandoned quarry all offer possibilities.

Then, of course, one can also head down to the saltwater and have a fantastic time shore fishing. Or you can head to a marina or dock. It’s a matter of taking your opportunities (legally) where they are presented.

Of course, there are certain approaches that will make fishing without a boat more productive.

First, take a look around. Have a close look at structure. Find somewhere safe that will allow you to fish parallel to the shore – that’s where the baitfish or prey insects are – and that’s where the species that feed on them will be. Take that time to also take a look at the action of prey species – they will provide you with the clues you need to set up that perfect terminal tackle. Take care of presentation – it will be your best bet of hooking up, imitate the movement and habits of those prey species. Keep low – fish get spooked by a silhouette. If you are bank fishing then downsize your line and your lure or fly.

Ask for advice from fellow anglers – and go out there and simply have some fun on the water.