Managing Your College Loan

What You Need To Know About GradReady

GradReady is an online, free, and interactive Financial Literacy Resource provided by NorthStar Education Services and UW-Stevens Point’s Financial Aid Office. This is a resource that students can use throughout enrollment as well as after they have graduated.


GradReady contains various learning methods and techniques that match up to different people’s preferred method of learning. There are also downloadable PDFs, videos, quizzes (to test your knowledge), and interactive components. Many people find GradReady beneficial when it comes to maintaining a healthy financial lifestyle.

There are 3 paths to choose from for completing the GradReady Program:

Path One: Paying For College

This path includes the information that is needed on how to pay for the costs of schooling. This course covers various Federal Student Loans, work-study, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, scholarships, along with other different ways to assist with paying for college. This is also a path that features an “interactive resource” allowing users to create an editable online finance plan, that covers how to cover the costs of paying for college.

Path Two: Money Management

This is a section that covers credit, budgeting, identify theft, tips on tracking your expenses, and more. This part of the program also includes the Debt-o-Meter, which is another interactive resource, that provides a useful way to monitor debt management.

Path Three: Student Loan Repayment

The last path covers real-world finance. It offers valuable and useful tips that help students to prepare on how to pay back their student loans. This section also covers important information on mortgages along with other financial future items, such as a retirement savings plan and more. The Student Loan Repayment section features the Electronic Loan Counselor, another interactive resource that students can use to create an accurate plan on how to pay for their student loans.